Welcome to the second installment of Visual Tuesday – where we celebrate everything about illustration, typeset, and formatting!  This week’s selection is A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston.  Yes, this is a “children’s” book but I was recently gifted it for Christmas, and it’s so charming and the art is so lovely, I wanted to write a post about it.  In this sweet little book, a brave, small girl sails across an ocean of words to the home of a boy, to take him on adventures through the world of books.  Throughout the story, they sail seas, climb mountains, explore castles overrun with monsters, and play hide and seek in fairytale forests.

Each environment is created using snippets of books like The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, literally creating a world of words for the children to interact with.  The narrative of A Child of Books, is written in cursive, so it’s visually differentiated from the words the world is made from.  The lesson in the story is that books can transport us to faraway lands, and on wild escapades we’d never otherwise be able to experience.  It also encourages readers who are older than child-aged to remember the vivid imagination, the fearlessness, the curiosity of their childhoods.

This is a big part of the mission of The Road Virus, not just to bring fringe literature to the masses, but also to ignite the imaginations of readers everywhere.  We also believe strongly that whatever genre or format (be it horror fiction, historical non-fiction, comics, or cookbooks) that gets someone excited about reading and learning, we’re all for it.  We want to assist those who are new readers to find the stories that speak to their adventurous inner child, and help them tap into other wider world views and thrilling narratives.  And we want to help seasoned readers find new worlds to explore.

We hit the road soon, and hope to see you in your home towns, adventuring far and wide with us using your imaginations and the vast universe of literature.