Hey Road Virus Fans!

As you may have heard – we are going to be offering 3, 6, and 12 month book subscriptions in one of three genres: horror, sci fi, and fantasy.  We’re excited to announce that our subscription service, called Reading Is Infectious, will officially launch Feb 1!  You can select your subscription length and genre here starting Feb 1 and all orders placed before Feb 15 will ship for March 1.  You can even purchase them for others as a gift!  Giving the gift of reading is a lovely way to treat the ones you love to a new adventure each month.  You can join any time, any order placed between the 1-15th of the month will ship for the 1st of the following month.  All Reading Is Infectious subscribers receive brand new copies of our selection for each genre, and 12 month subscriptions are discounted at 2 months free!

Another perk of joining is that you (or your gift recipient) will gain access to our Reading Is Infectious discussion board in the Contagion Nation forums to talk with other subscribers about the book of the month.  It’s like a book club about your favorite genres on a national scale!  Meet other people who are as excited to discuss things like the merit of high fantasy vs. modern fantasy, what differentiates horror from thriller, and what technology brilliant creators like Asimov and Roddenberry gave to the world long before their time.  Other parts of Contagion Nation are open starting NOW for members to chat about their favorite books, movies, great libraries, comic books, etc.

For this first month, we’ve selected 3 (one in each genre) anthologies of short stories to whet your appetite and make for delicious, bite-sized reading for your commute, lunch break, or right before bed.  These books will act as appetizers, or taste testers if you will, to what lies ahead for the following months of Reading Is Infectious.  We’ve pre-ordered copies for ourselves, so we can read them first to ensure you’re getting excellent collections.

Don’t forget – the tiers in our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo also include subscriptions and are a fantastic way to get in on the ground floor of a new service as well as score some sweet merch like stickers and tees.  We are 18 days from the end of our 30 day campaign and we are at 22% of our new goal – which is GREAT – but there is still a long way to go, and every little bit helps.  If you can, please consider backing us; if you cannot, sharing our link as far and wide as you can is also a huge help.  We’ve been working hard to make The Road Virus a reality – we have an RV electrician booked who is coming out to troubleshoot Jolene’s electrical woes and we have a good friend we will be visiting in Florida who will be helping us with the more technical parts (plumbing, skylights, etc) of her renovation once we hit the road.  We’re also mapping out our route for the first 3 months, and will keep you all updated as to where we plan to be and when once we have Jolene up and running.

Finally – thank you to everyone who has backed our campaign.  Without you, The Road Virus would be a far off dream instead of a very real thing.  The support and encouragement we’ve gotten has been what keeps us sane when technical troubles arise, and keeps us working our butts off to bring amazing fringe literature to towns across North America.  Please keep it up, our Road Virus followers and Contagion Nation fanatics is why we’re so passionate about what we’re doing.

Love and pathogens,

Em, and Sade (and Fulci)

The Road Virus Crew.