Hullo all!  It lives!!   And by it, I mean Sade…but just barely.  Which is to say, the virus that struck the bus was pneumonia, but thankfully we now have antibiotics and such and he (Sade) is on the mend and back to his curmudgeonly self.  I (Em) spent lots of time on remaining quiet to let sleeping plague-carriers lie, and when I needed to, getting things like Dayquil and Cepacol for he-who-was-dying.  I did, however, manage a few small things on our list of goals including:

Our newly fitted fridge no longer lingers in the center of the floor.

  • cutting out a piece of our kitchen counter top
  • moving our fridge into the newly minted counter top gap and adjusting the kitchen stockpile
  • got the last of our SF business sorted out and taken care of so we’re ready for take off
  • had a mechanical engineer/gearhead friend of mine come to look at Jolene, and we’ve narrowed the issue down to a single small part of the starter, now to get on the RV mechanic’s case to come swap that part out
  • reorganizing my personal belongings into metal baskets to ensure they’d all fit (proud to say all my clothing fits into just 3 baskets!)
  • and cleaning the bedding/bus and de-germing all surfaces now that Sade is no longer contagious

    My shelving now looks like this – all shirts and pants on top row, ginch and toiletries on bottom.

    My second set of shelves have space for books (more coming) and some small assorted items.

It was a slow week for bus progress and blogging but I *did* finish reading our short story collections we have selected for our first months of subscriptions – one sci-fi and one fantasy (Sade read the horror selection) – and happily they passed muster, so we got several copies of each in order to fulfill our first subscription orders.  Reading is Infectious subscriptions go LIVE tomorrow, Feb 1!  While you’re at it, also feel free to hang out in Contagion Nation, our forums, and discuss your favorite books, movies, and bookstores with other members.

We’re down to the last 24 hours for our Indiegogo campaign (Feb 1 is the last day to back us!  Act now!) and we’ve seen a lot of support and love.  Please spread the word and keep the funding coming – as every buck helps us move Jolene closer to the road.

My cozy bed, including a tiny chihuahua plinked onto my folded comforter. The Fulci-centric version of this photo can be found on our Instagram! (click this pic)

This coming week, we’d like to:

  • finish the dang painting (didn’t want to marinate Sade’s poor beleaguered lungs in fumes this week)
  • get some books out of storage into the bus
  • send out our first round of Reading is Infectious mailings
  • order pins and totes and all other rewards for our lovely backers
  • get some flooring installed

We’re excited to report back to you after our Indiegogo has ended – thanks to all who have been such an encouragement, and of course many thanks to our backers as well!

As always, love and pathogens,

Em and Sade (and Fulci)