It’s been a hard week for a lot of the country.  And it doesn’t seem to be getting much better in Washington.  We’ve also had our own setbacks: our mechanic doesn’t seem to be available for another few weeks (we’ve waited two thus far), Sade got an awful cough, and our area in Northern California has been utterly swamped by the constant storms blowing through – but we’re holding on and keeping busy.

Here’s how: 

We pulled all of Jolene’s batteries our and had them tested and charged – she’s fully juiced.  We had a friend come out who is an electrician, but it seems our short is somewhere between the electrical panel and the starter (and might be the starter itself) so sadly, we didn’t get many answers.  One major thing we accomplished this week is the painting of our bookstore shelving.  We chose black (naturally) – which takes several coats for full coverage, but we kept trucking through and got the front of the bus fully painted.  We’re playing with color ideas for the walls (wood areas you see that are not painted) – so for now they’ll remain unpainted.   This week we’re planning on pulling some of our inventory in so we can start arranging and cataloging our stock… *drools* … mmmm cataloging.

This week our goals are:

  • cutting away a piece of kitchen counter ledge to accommodate our fridge (which has been sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor)
  • swapping the fridge door so it opens the other direction
  • reorganizing our personal effects so as to see if there’s any more paring down we can do
  • paint all removable shelves (removed before painting) black to match their cabinets
  • paint the front desk/counter tops
  • and spending a day in SF taking care of some last odds and ends and seeing our local friends
  • STRETCH GOAL  –  get in the center aisle of flooring if the weather holds out

For now, we’ve pulled up the small bit of floor we’d already done as the rain has created a sort of mini-pond at the front of our bus which we must wade through every time we go in or out.  Time for a welcome mat on our stairs, I guess!

What will the next 4 years look like? …”In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

With the timing setback, we are still very grateful to be snug in our lovely Jolene, listening to the rain patter and the wind slowly rock her each night.  We’re thankful we are parked where we have access to electricity, an indoor bathroom/shower, and storage for our things while we work on the bookstore half of the bus.  (shout-out to honorary crew member, Ginger for the hospitality and generosity!)   We are happy we have coffee, good food (and a grill/microwave/toaster oven to cook in), our zombchi Fulci, and one another to lean on, while we work hard and wait impatiently to hit the road.

We’re also just 10 days away from the end of our Indiegogo campaign – and we’re at 25%.  We’ve had a lovely outpouring in the past 48 hours, and would love to keep the momentum going!  Remember, since Indiegogo allows us to keep funding even if we don’t reach our goal, every penny counts, and modest donations make a big difference when they come in waves.  So even if all you can spare is $10, know that your backing our project to bring free thinking, free speech, fringe lit to all areas of the country is appreciated.  If you don’t have a way to donate, you can do us a big favor by sharing this link ** ** to your social networks.

Remember, knowledge is power and intelligence is a weapon.  Refuse to remain quiet and easily led, and be a part of the resistance by educating yourself and sharpening those critical thinking skills.  The Road Virus is coming soon to give access to our literary arsenal.  Till then, dear Carriers and Germs, stay vigilant, stay mindful, and read more f-ing books!

Love and Pathogens,