Our beloved ladies and germs,

WUT!? Why was this holding two wires together?!

We are a day late with our update post but with good reason.  We wanted to wait to update you all until we had seen the mechanic and since he was coming today we figured you’d forgive us the 24 hour delay on our blog.

The good news is – JOLENE IS ALIVE!  She screamed to life after much testing and tinkering, the mechanic knew just what the issue was and fixed her crossed electrical connections.  We even found that the throttle wire had been vice gripped together when a small plastic connector had snapped!  (not a problem previously but was obviously going to become one)  Luckily the mechanic was able to fabricate a metal replacement part right here on the spot and the clamp no longer lives under the dash.   There has never been a more beautiful sound than her roaring engine kicking over and coming back from the dead.  Mechanically, she is perfectly sound, and we are so so eager to get on the road.

Scrumptious little gas mask earrings for all our favorite plague carriers.

The less good news is – she has a bum speedometer and her generator still has a short.  So we are holding our (very impatient) horses and having the mechanic come out again later this week to get those things worked out so she’s fit as a fiddle before we gallop across the US on our maiden voyage.  All our fingers are crossed he can get things up and running so we can take off this weekend.

In other news – our Kuro-Same Arts jewelry arrived and we’re in LOVE.  The necklaces are hefty and gorgeous, and perfect for all genders.  The earrings are darling as well.  Both are now up on our online shop, and can be purchased on Jolene as well.  Necklaces retail for $28 and earrings for $25/pair.

We got our final stock of books and now Jolene is filled to the brim with amazing finds.  We’ve organized our stock and are getting things ready (like programming our TomTom GPS and filling our iPod with music so we don’t gobble data) to hit the road any day now.

Stunning unisex necklace now in our online and bus shops.

A million small things to get done this week, but we’ll finish them all and hope we can update you from on the road in our next week’s update post!  Don’t forget you can follow us across all social media as @roadvirusbus to get more frequent updates of our journey.

Love and Pathogens,

Em, Sade, and Fulci

The Road Virus Crew