Hey all, Em here with our weekly update on Jolene, Sade and myself.

These tees say “The Road Virus” on the left sleeve.

First things first, our Indiegogo crowdfunding is officially closed!  It’s been a lot of work doing fundraising, bus renovation, content creation, etc all at once, and I’m happy to announce we made $3,832 via Indiegogo.  Many many thanks to all of you who shared the link, wrote articles, and backed us.  Every little bit helped, and while we didn’t hit our goal, this will be a major help in getting Jolene on the road.  Speaking of Jolene, she has a mechanic coming to check her out this week, we’re hopeful he’ll be able to get her in tip top condition; so once we figure out what fixing her will take (both in cash, and in time), we’ll be sure to update you here with our new launch date.

For those of you who backed us, we’ve got all the swanky merch ordered, loads of tee shirts, pins, bookmarks, and tote bags are winging their way to us as we speak.  We’ll be reaching out to each of you individually to ask about how you want your name displayed on our site (we’ll be replacing the “Crowdfunding” tab with a “Fallout Shelter” page dedicated to all who backed us), what your tee shirt size is, what books you’d like on your curated shelf, etc.  We’re also looking into plaque engravers so we can be sure to prominently display the names of those who backed us in our original (and sadly failed) Kickstarter efforts, and came BACK to rock our world in the Indiegogo campaign.

A tote to bring your books home in.

And if you *didn’t* get the chance to back us, The Road Virus store is now open!  We’re offering monthly book subscriptions (you choose your genre and length of subscription), our own merch, and coming soon we’ll also be carrying some really RAD gas mask jewelry by a local Bay Area artisan, Kuro-Same Arts, so keep your eye peeled on our store front as new goodies will be added often.

Amazing gas mask necklaces and earrings coming soon by Kuro-Same Arts!

As for what we were able to accomplish this week, we got about half of the shelves painted before the rain came back and thwarted our efforts.  We’re hoping to get the rest painted this week if the weather cooperates.  Now that we have a mechanic coming, and we’re hopeful we can get Jolene repaired quickly, we’ve started really cranking down on our efforts to get everything else set up so we can take off to FL to finish the plumbing and skylights part of our renovations.  We’ve got to get registration and insurance as well as a mail forwarding service, we want to set up a mailing list for fans of The Road Virus, sell my car, do one more purge of our personal belongings, pack Jolene back up, and map out our route.

We’ll keep you all informed as we narrow down our take-off window, here’s hoping next week our Update post will have a firm date for you all!

Love and Pathogens,

Em and Sade (and Fulci) – The Road Virus Crew