Hello our beloved carriers,
This week Jolene and The Road Virus Crew have been driving to our destination in FL to get the rest of our renovations done.  We’ve seen a lot of desert – driven the entirety of AZ, NM, the TX panhandle, OK, AR, the corner of TN, briefly MI, and now we’re stopped halfway between Birmingham and Montgomery, AL.  So a lot of states.  I was surprised how quickly the desert mountains became flat dusty plains, and then misty forests.

Some cool things we’ve seen since our last update:

  • Amazing balancing rock formations in the desert mountains.
  • The Blue Hole – a natural water filled sinkhole that’s only 60 feet across but a crystal clear 82 feet deep!
  • Wide open sky country where you can see for miles.
  • Texarkana – where the “Moonlight Murders” occurred, the origin of the “man with a hook hand scratching at the car on lover’s lane” camp fire story
  • A wild game preserve in New Mexico where we nearly got stuck in sand but the view of the stars was so worth the scare
  • One of our favorite fans, Elliot, who gifted us not only a book, but also the niftiest piece of artwork we’ve ever laid our grubby hands on
  • Eaten at Ray’s World Famous BBQ in Memphis

After slooooowly getting through the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico, we’ve been making excellent time this week.  We’re only 850 miles from our destination, so this time next week we should have some info on how the renovation process is going to go.  We have a lot of work left to do in Jolene, plumbing, cook-top installation, and cabinetry – so we’re hoping it goes smoothly, and that we can be on our way up the East Coast roaring towards New England in a few short weeks, just in time for the spring thaw (we/they hope).

Life on the road seems to agree with us (Fulci’s happy the engine puts off so much heat in the daytime).  We’ve been averaging 2 nights at truck stops, 1 night under the stars back and forth to keep our sanity (truck stops have showers, easy access to bathrooms and are often right near our route, and rural locations have peace, quiet, and stunning natural views).  We’ve surprised ourselves by almost completely giving up on using our TomTom GPS in favor of an old school printed atlas.  The TomTom has a miserably short battery life (like, 2 hours, seriously), and we don’t have a 12V lighter/outlet in the bus, so we have no way to charge it on the go.  We rely on our phones when we need turn by turn instructions, but those times have been few and far between, as we’ve stuck to a few highways along the way, making the journey easier to track via atlas than anything digital.

With only 3 more days of driving left, we hope to land in FL before the weekend.  We’ll take a couple of days to decompress while our contractor is at another job, then we’ll start hacking and slashing our sweet Jolene once more.  When renovation begins, we’ll regale you with photos, but make sure you’re following us on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, for daily updates of our #endlessroadtrip.

Love and pathogens,

Em, Sade, and Fulci

The Road Virus Crew






PS –  Cassettes listened to this week:

  • Johnny Winter
  • Talking Heads
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Peter, Paul, and Mary
  • Eurythmics
  • Erasure
  • Coil
  • David Bowie
  • Tina Turner