My dear ladies and germs,

We’re back with our weekly update this fine Monday.  Last week we told you we’d found a mechanic, well, praise be, we did!  However… … … his wife literally had a baby the night before he was supposed to come out to get Jolene up and motoring.  So.  There’s that.  Good on them…*cough* …more delays for us.  But we are doing our very very best not to bug-out.  We have two mechanics now committed to coming to us next week, so one more last collective deep breath, we are late – but we are actually going to be moving.  Sahweet.  More details on that front as they come.

What we’ve done this week:

Matte black sexiness, and they come with every purchase.

  • We officially finished painting all shelving a gorgeous matte black.
  • We selected a bloody lovely red for three small accent areas and taped out / started painting those.
  • We brought in every book we have from storage and have begun obsessively organizing and shelving them.
  • We did one more personal item purge and rearranged some of Sade’s effects as the current set up was just not working for him.
  • We bought an actual printed US Atlas.
  • We emailed every single backer from our Indiegogo campaign to thank them and get reward info/addresses as appropriate.
  • We ordered teeshirts, totes, pins and bookmarks.  Pins go up in our shop TONIGHT – go check them out!
  • Sade created the Fallout Shelter on our website as a permanent thank you page to our lovely backers.

In our online store – $2 a pop, or 3 for $5 so you can share or rep us on all your jackets.

This week we plan on:

  • Finishing the red accent walls and spray painting our front countertops.
  • Mapping our route and getting our TomTom set-up and firmware updated.
  • Shipping all pin/sticker rewards, and sending the first book for each subscriber out so they reach their readers before March 1.
  • Finalizing the shelving of books and getting displays set up.
  • Getting our gas-mask jewelry from Kuro-Same Arts up in the online store.
  • Paperwork paperwork paperwork

One more grateful thank you to all of our lovely backers.  For those of you who are curating a guest shelf, do please get us your selections and we’ll send you a photo once the display is up!  We’re also looking at plaque engravers in the area to get our “Early Bird Gets the Sandworm”  repeat backers’ names up on the bus ASAP.   Don’t forget – those who couldn’t back at the time – you can subscribe to our #ReadingIsInfectious book club any time here online and get books delivered straight to your home!

Love and pathogens,

Em, Sade, and Fulci