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Become a part of the dying breed! Call this the starter pack for the end, if you will. You’ll receive one each of our merchandise––sticker, pin, bookmark, tote, shirt––and a handwritten note.



This is your opportunity to reach even the most remote parts of the country. You’ll get all the goodies, 3 months of our Reading Is Infectious book subscription, and we’ll include 5 copies of your favorite fringe book with our inventory, along with a “recommended by” flag with your name and a blurb about the book.



What’s better than sharing with friends and family; spreading what you’ve got with your loved ones? We’ll add some more stickers and pins to your lot, give you the 3 month subscription, carry 5 copies of your fringe fav, and let you curate an entire shelf in the bus. Recommend the books to your evil lil heart’s content; we’ll plaster photos and your words all over our site and social media.



You’ve been plaguing our thoughts lately… this love is surely symbiotic. We’ll extend your Reading Is Infectious subscription to 6 months, carry a total of 10 copies of your favorite book, and place a brass plaque with your name alongside the other $1k donators on the special “Invest to Infest” bookshelf.



Everything from the GERMS OF ENDEARMENT tier, but your subscription is extended to 12 months.


PATIENT ZERO – $5,000 *

You are patient zero, Typhoid Mary, the Quarantine Queen! Along with a mountain of goodies, you’ll also get the opportunity to help us curate your very own bookcase. That’s right, an entire case. At the top, you’ll have your own separate dedicated plaque. You’ll also get a special limited edition handcrafted necklace made from a test tube. Most importantly, you’ll get to come live aboard The Road Virus with us for an entire weekend (Friday – Sunday). We can either coordinate to be in your area or you can meet up with us in another city and we’ll pick you up from the airport. We’ll spend the weekend with you, spreading books and infectious reading together – come see what bus living and book selling are all about.



We’ll always be together; or, at least, until one of us expires. You’ll get all of our Road Virus merch from above and we’ll send you one book per month until our due date is stamped or we hit the 13 year mark of being in business.



Welp, you’ve done it; you’ve killed the entire planet in one fell swoop. However can we repay you for your generous act of hitting the reset button? We’ll make a limited run of 1,000 bookmarks with your supreme visage as our new reigning overlord. We’ll create you a special Road Virus mixtape (on an actual cassette) with handmade packaging featuring typewritten liner notes. We’ll have a special black Road Virus germ mask (popular fashion accessory in Japan) screenprinted for you with our teeth logo in white. We’ll get a one-of-a-kind black and chrome plaque to mount on the outside of the bus door with “THE EXTINCTION EVENT CAUSED BY X YOUR NAME X”. We’ll brand our bodies with a tattoo of the catalog number of your favorite book of all time; Em is partial to the dewey decimal system, and Sade is deciding between ISBN and LOC.

And, as a last special tribute, we will gift you a copy of our favorite books:

From Sade, the horror anthology 999. This is the collection of short stories edited by Al Sarrantonio which essentially paved the way for his love of horror. He still has the extremely weathered hardcover original pressing copy his father gave to him when he was eight.

From Em, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Everything from the nesting story within a story to the intensity of the ergodic format is perfectly designed to make you feel like you’re going mad alongside the characters, and she loves it so much that she’s loaned it out and has had to re-purchase it four separate times.


* Offer only valid in the continental US. If you’re international or in HI/AK, you’ll need to arrange passage to US mainland.