Well, here we are. The trip that was only supposed to take two days ended up taking five, and through a series of small hells, through trials and tribulations, we made it back alive.

Jolene takes a nap in the great salt flats

Through numerous breakdowns & getting stuck in snow drifts taller than the bus,
through sleeping in the bus in -20 degree weather, having the generator die, an engine not turning over,
through having our driver side mirror shaved off by a log-hauler in the pouring snow,
through learning via our mistakes, jumping into driving a 32-foot vehicle for the first time, and having barely any mechanical know-how,
through spending a night in a bug-infested, heroin-kit-in-the-bathroom hotel room,
through re-entering California and hitting one of the worst rainstorms we’ve ever seen,
through stopping on the side of a highway after 36 hours of no sleep because large vehicles couldn’t progress any farther,
through physical pain, mental anguish, mechanical failure, biting cold, inhuman conditions,
we made it.

Jolene-Lenore is officially in California, an hour or so outside of San Francisco. As soon as we arrived, instead of getting sleep, we jumped headfirst into renovations and started tearing her apart. She’s an absolute beast, but she desperately needs the makeover.

So far, we’ve mapped our the floorplan, ripped up 90% of the carpet, and started shaving down some of the bookcases to create the bed area. Our hands are wrecked and minds and bodies exhausted, but we couldn’t be more excited.

With our launch date on February 1st, we have a lot of work to do; we’re planning on going up to the build site every Friday night and working well into Sunday night every weekend until then.

Thank you again to everyone who’s helped us so far, either by donating or sharing/posting about this journey. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.