Between January and February of 2017, we ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. While we didn’t reach our intended goal, we did see a flood of support from the community––for which we are very thankful.

Thank you to those who donated, helping to kick off The Road Virus’ maiden voyage. You’re always welcome in our Fallout Shelter.

Hannah Arthur
Kim Black
Meri Brady
Steph Callahan
Egle Cekanaviciute
Ginger Conrad
Chris Cronin
Susie Curtis
Dominic Devane
Elliot Ditto
Chris Ferguson
Cassandra Garner
Victoria Gregg
Kristin Halberg
Julie Hutchison
Joshua Koenigs
Rebecca Levine
Tanja Simone Lundqvist
Emily Lynch
David Markland
Erykah McCarty
John McElfresh
Lisa Morton
Jane Mulcahy
Tyler O Sparks
Matt Ortega
Guillermo Palomino
Khaki Paquette
Roberto Prado
Kellie Smouse
Alice Snow
Jessica Thornton
Josefina Tumbleweed