I always find myself waking up before the rest of the bus, which is strange because I’ve never considered myself a morning person. Took advantage of the early morning to go to the Hannafords and get my own little breakfast and enjoy the back drop of the empty parking lot as my own personal restaurant. After a while, when the rest of the crew was awake, we went to Tim Hortons for second breakfast (for me anyway) of coffee and donuts to figure out what the hell we were going to do with the rest of the day.

No surprise: heading over to Stephen King’s home was on the list before heading back to Portland. After being on the bus for a bit it made me feel bad for the guy, to be honest. To have all those people stop and take pictures and selfies with your front door can get to be a bit much. I understand it’s not taboo to take a picture of the famous author’s home, or the sweet bus because for those that stop by it’s new and exciting but from the inside looking out it never ceases to be a strange experience.

After a quick romp, we were Portland bound and I found myself falling asleep in my giant Yogibo….if you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out on life. When I finally opened my eyes we were back where the journey started; parked outside LFK (local bar and former bookstore) and ready to open up shop. The people of Portland are always a blast and I think tomorrow we are headed to Sanford to fix some plumbing and look at getting a rack for the moped that’s apparently hiding somewhere in Massachusetts. Stay lovely.