If I could describe tonight in one word that would be it. It’s not that torrential downpour kind but, the more sinister type that lies somewhere between a drizzle and proper water works. We opened the doors around 6pm after picking through the “Everything Free Store” yes, they do exist and among the mountain of second and third hand shoes, threadbare blue jeans and Christmas knick knacks that have seen better days, we got to some choices books…mostly yellow papered children’s novels but, I scored an encyclopedia set from 1937 which was beautmus.

The rain is keeping away the foot traffic and as we pack up with a whole $23 dollars in sales it’s time to head out of the city. Which brings me to another headache that is bus life….city…fucking…driving. There is nothing more stressful than navigating city streets in a 32ft bus and it takes teamwork and a lot of yelling to get it done. This is where communication is paramount because one mistake and your home and business is firmly embedded in the ass end of a Subaru.

Unwinding from today is a bit of a mixed bag but, I think my favorite part of the day was selling a Goosebumps book to a young fellow no older than 8. It reminded me of when I standing in his shoes at my first book fair with crumpled up dollar bills in my pocket trying to get the next Redwall novel. Read on little dude….read on.