Rolling out of my bean bag is never easy but, something about waking up and being surrounded by shelves of books made it extra tough this morning. Honestly, it’s always been a low key dream of mine to spend the night in a Barnes & Noble or if I was really lucky one of those private library sections where they keep all the good stuff from the public eye. Anyway, eventually I did get out of bed and because of the closeness to the grocery store we decided to go there to collect breakfast.

Nothing special really, just a couple of “Perfect Bars”, fruits and one of those mini meat and cheese platters (only the high life for us) but, it was great. When’s the last time you actually sat down for breakfast with your friends? I mean seriously when is the last time you even had breakfast?? We talked and laughed over our meager meal complete with coffee and cigarettes, sitting in the balmy 75 degree heat for quite sometime before deciding to be productive.

Speaking of productive here is a road hack for all you travelers out there: Join a Gym. When you’re on the bus showers and bathrooms are a particular kind of problem that finding an answer to may lead you to some terrible places…trust me. The safest solution we found was to join a chain nationwide gym, it’s 24 hours a day, clean showers and bathrooms but, mostly a safer bet than truck stops and dive bar shitters. Which leads me to another thought: working out and eating healthy. Yeah, yeah…nobody likes working out but, if you’re going to be in a high stress environment it’s better to make the journey with a body that can handle who…or what may come through the door.

It’s 4pm now and I think we are just going to take the day off and be bums. I know there is stir fry coming up for dinner so that’s something to be excited about, Emily is a really good cook too so it’s a double down on excitement for shoving food in my face.