Sorry it’s been a few days, we got back to Portland and I had a whole bunch of school work to catch up on. The Road Virus’s time in Maine has come to a close and it’s really sad to see Sade and Em go but, they have the whole rest of the country to travel, new friends to make and adventures to write about. I feel lucky to have been invited into their lives for a short time and to have shared my summer with people I can say I really loved. We spent the last day with them in Sanford at my dad’s house designing a contraption for the moped which I suppose they’ll have up and running soon enough.

We also got a new addition to the family, the fat black cat Luci! Road life isn’t one for all the spooky creatures and so for the time being Lucipur will be staying with us here in Portland. We are on the way back from Sanford and already this 20lbs of liquid cat has broken out of the cardboard box and is crawling on the dashboard and laying in Casey’s lap. Casey is my brother by the way, he’s a good kid and he’s been singing to this cat for like 30 minutes of this 45 minute car ride.

I may head out west to catch up with the bus for Wasteland Weekend. Apparently, you have to dress like you’re in the apocalypse which at some point meant wearing 55lbs of metal and “gear” in the middle of the fucking desert. Listen here, I’m going out in a pair boots, 5.11 pants and a white T-shirt with a CamelBak because white reflects heat, I get thirsty, pants that dry quickly are smart and boots are good for hiking. Also “money” is going to come in toilet paper….think about it… anywho…

Goodbye is never an easy thing to do but, I don’t think this is the end of The Road Virus in my life because if there is one thing that all my reading of Lovecraft or Stephen King has taught me it’s this: Evil Always Returns.