It was our first actual day Bangor today and we spent it as proper tourists. Kierie our host provided us with morning espresso coupled with proper morning conversation before she jetted off and we couldn’t think of a better way to follow that up other than with more coffee. A walk down the road to a place called Wicked Brew provided us with some badass cold brew caffeine for our walk into the city.

How to describe downtown Bangor is not an easy task to accomplish. The city sidewalks are shadowed by old buildings of various painted brick that still bear the years of construction etched into the timeless stone, 1904 here, 1887 there and so on into past. There was very little foot traffic in town so it gave it an eerie feeling of emptiness like you were walking around an abandoned movie set. Once you stepped into the shops though it was full of life and bizarre things, take my personal favorite shop called the Rock and Art Shop. It was a beautiful store that had every kind of gemstone, fossil and local jewelry you could ask for on display. The best bit I think besides the fossils were the skulls of various wildlife and giant insects perfectly preserved in glass frames but, hey I like strange things.

After our stint into town we came back to the bus to shoot the shit and smoked cigarettes, you know like the classy folk we are. Speaking of shit, if you’re reading this from your home go to the bathroom and hug your toilet. I mean it. Another piece to living in the bus is that all your dirty business takes place in a bucket which is only not as bad as it sounds because the facade of a proper toilet sits over it. So here’s a shout out to the goodwill of strangers and public restrooms that allow us to be refined human beings with your fancy indoor plumbing. You are appreciated.

So, that brings me to this moment right now as we prepare to open the doors tomorrow to the good people of Bangor and sit around the small gas grill about to enjoy a family meal kebabs and rice under the glowing orange street lights and hazy night sky I’m reminded that life is good even without running water or plumbing. It’s all…alright.