My name is long and unimportant, but what is important is the fact that for the time being I find myself on a large black bus and the Road Virus is most definitely headed north. Okay…well to be honest I’m just your average gentleman attending college living in Portland, Maine which is how I found myself here with Sade and Emily and their assorted pets and books. They came into town almost a month ago and we struck up one of those rare friendships that turns into family and after a bit they invited me out onto the road with them.

Bus life isn’t one for the faint of heart. When your house, car and business are all the same you learn there is a certain balance to keep which is where my first day on the bus starts; cleaning. You’d be surprised how messy things get when your entire life is crammed into a 50ish foot space and so proper house keeping is essential especially with throngs of people dropping by every day. After an hour and a half of stacking, sorting and sweeping we made our way to Bangor.

Absent a well of water for daily chores like washing the dishes and showering all of the water comes from 2 gallon jugs (which we were fresh out of after cleaning) so it forced us to take a trip to Walmart. Ahh, Wally World in all its glory not only provided the water we needed it also gave me some time to relive my childhood and let me tell you, if you don’t have friends that will push you around in a cart while you sip coffee and eat donut holes you should find better friends.

After Walmart and driving down the highway that was smooth as Satan’s toilet paper we finally made it to Bangor. We were greeted on a side road parking lot by K, who directed us to her safe house for the night featuring a swanky cat and the even swanky-er couple who provided us with amazing food and perfect company. So here we are I suppose, there is never any telling who or what will come for the door but, tomorrow will be another adventure I’m sure.