Forget your preconceived notions of Freudian slips, your Oedipus complexes, your ideas of what constitutes unsettling in a horror film––one may actually be hardpressed to actually call this a horror film. However, horror is, in my opinion, a highly subjective idea.

And this, folks, is one serious sandblast of horror right up the ass.

Nervous, soft-spoken social worker Ann Gentry is assigned to a new case––a very, very special case––involving the stiff and unrelenting Wadsworth family. Less the long-gone patriarch, the family comprises a sharp and overbearing mother, two silver-tongued daughters, and the Baby, the main cause for the case. Having no actual name, the Baby is a mentally impaired 21 year old man who wears diapers and is kept in an oversize baby pen, is incapable of verbal communication beyond sounds and monosyllabic wordgrunts, and is prone to highly emotional and physical outbursts.

As Ann gets more and more attached to The Baby, and mother Wadsworth and the sisters––who wholly believe that keeping him locked in his head as an infant is somehow beneficial to him––grow more and more distrustful and angry with her attempts at therapy, the tension devolves into an outright blastoff fuckery in the finale.

Dressed in hokey camp 70s attire, this clear sign of its time has an odd tendency to fool the viewer––it slips the feel-good vibe of the cinematography––or lack thereof––over the eyes and lets the horror, which seems benign at first draw, creep over and slide its hand up and down one’s spine in slow, soft succession.

Directed by Ted Post, who brought us classic cult favorites such as GO TELL THE SPARTANS, HANG ‘EM HIGH, and THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT, plays his shiver-creep cards right in this overly-weird tribute to blood being far too much thicker than water.


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