The Road Virus is a mobile bookstore specializing in fringe literature.

We (Em and Sade) are two best friends who, beyond all else, love books. We spent our entire childhoods in bookstores and libraries. Sade is an author, Em is a former librarian.

It has been a lifelong dream of both of ours to own a bookstore. Unfortunately, we live in a location where opening a brick and mortar store just isn’t financially viable for two people to start from scratch.

So, we thought of the next best thing; we decided to purchase an ex-bookmobile and convert it into a full time living space and bookstore, circumventing the need for pricey overhead and rents. The chance to combine the element of running our own bookstore with living in a self-sustainable manner into one cohesive vision is exceptionally rare.

Because our square footage will be limited, we’ve decided to focus on the underrepresented and fringe genres of literature, allowing us to tap into a vein that’s long been ignored.

Focusing primarily on horror, we also carry other marginalized genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, crime/thrillers, true crime, queer studies/lit, and more.

In specializing in fringe literature, The Road Virus will serve as a venue proving to be an outlier’s dream. No longer will someone with a different worldview need to walk into a bookstore and immediately beeline for the back shelf consisting of one or two rows of books. Instead, amongst our shelves, you will find yourself literally surrounded by words and stories trained on releasing the darker parts of life.

In addition to selling books, we will also promote literacy through community outreach, hosting special events, and providing a platform for those with a more clandestine worldview to come together and read.